Changing Firms

Who is eXp Realty?

eXp is the fastest growing Real Estate company in North America. Find out WHY top agents & teams are flocking to eXp.  And why so many independent brokers are finding the perfect exit strategy with this Ground Breaking Company!  Call Traci for a confidential conversation to see if eXp is the right Next Step for your business.  210.465.5275

  1. 80-100% PLUS Commissions
  2. Keep more of your money.
  3. No royalty fees. No franchise fees. No desk fees.
  4. Multiple Revenue Streams.
  5. Take part in the powerful revenue sharing model.
  6. Earn by attracting like-minded agents.
  7. Build your business and plan for your retirement.
  8. Our agents and brokers can make 100%+ commissions.

Proven Tools to Increase your Income

  1. 1000 Business Cards and 20 Folders
  2. WordPress Website and FREE Hosting
  3. Kunversion IDX Website and CRM for FREE

eXp Realty Agent Attraction Website

  1. Skyslope Transaction Management Software
  2. Google Apps for Work
  3. Google Hangouts Video Conferencing

eXp Realty Cloud Office Access

  1. Regus Business World Membership
  2. Real Satisfied Pro
  3. Broker Breakthrough

Free Support for Agents:

  1. Transaction & Tech Support
  2. Private Facebook Group
  3. 15-20 “Live” Real Estate classes every week
  4. RETech Campus Technology Classes
  5. eXpressway Video Archived Training
  6. Live Tech Support
  7. Cloud Office Support
  8. New Agent Services
  9. Weekly Lead Generation Classes
  10. Powerful Live Events

Key Benefits to Brokers

  1. Eliminate Liability
  2. Collaboration Tools
  3. An Exit Strategy

Key Benefits to Teams

  1. Unlimited Growth Potential
  2. Reduced Team Cap
  3. Real-Time Support
  4. Multiple Revenue Streams
  5. Worldwide Collaboration
  6. Let me tell you about Scott. He had been in the real estate business for over a decade, was drowning in debt, owned his own brokerage and was ready to break free. Now, he has more money than month, lives the lifestyle REALTORS dream about, and has the TIME & MONEY FREEDOM to live life on his terms. He got off the real estate roller coaster!

So much of my life was like Scott's. I owned my own Century 21 brokerage with over 200 REALTORS, was deep in debt, worked around the clock, never saw my family, and it wasn't working. I was BROKER than my agents!

  1. My overhead was crazy high!
  2. My agents always wanted higher commission splits b/c they were always broke
  3. I always had to tell my family No
  4. I had many sleepless nights
  5. I was stressed to the max
  6. Because my bucket list was more expensive than my income, I had to empty my bucket

Can you relate?

When I was close to giving up on the real estate industry all together, a colleague introduced me to the idea of RESIDUAL INCOME in real estate. I will never forget the that day. It was the day that everything changed for me.

I listened to the presentation. Rob hit all the HOT BUTTONS for me. The way to finally be free from the real estate roller coaster. The way to BREAK FREE from the worry and stress of living transaction to transaction.

I found out how to increase my income FAST, and remove the ceiling on my potential. I saw what passive income in real estate could do for my family. How it could give me my time back. I no longer had to say, NO, to my family.

I know many of you have walked in Scott and my shoes. We know the struggles. We know the successes.

Now I want to HELP you. I want to help you create FREEDOM from real estate interfering with your life. I want to help you with the freedom to spend money without the fear of cost. I want to help you remove the shackles placed on your time.

Call Traci and find out why Realtors Get FREE with eXp. 210.465.5275.